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Special Collections and Archives

Reading Room Policy

The Archives Reading Room serves as a vital resource for academic inquiry and supports the mission of Knox College, teaching and learning, and scholarship within our institution, and is established to facilitate access to and utilization of our archival materials for research. We are also open to the public to assist in community research. Our collection contains historical documents, manuscripts, photographs, and other resources that contribute to the scholarly endeavors of our community.

Quiet Environment:
While we endeavor to maintain a conducive environment for research, it's important to note that absolute silence may not always be achievable. Due to the interactive nature of our collections and the encouragement of exploration, some level of conversation and interaction among patrons is to be expected within the reading room.

Use of Materials:
Patrons are encouraged to explore and engage with the materials within our collections. However, it is essential to handle all materials with care to ensure their preservation for future use. Please follow the provided guidelines for handling materials, and if you require assistance, our staff members are available to help.

  • Retrieve archival materials, one box at a time from the page desk.
  • Remove one folder or item from the collection at a time to ensure organization of the collection is kept.
  • Handle materials with care. 
  • Gloves are used for photographs and photographic collections only. 
  • Return all materials to the page desk when finished. 
  • We ask researchers refrain from using pens and only use pencils.
  • Absolutely no food or drink are allow in the archives reading room. 

Research Assistance:
Our staff members are here to assist you in navigating our collections and accessing the resources you need for your research. Whether you require guidance on searching our catalog, locating specific materials, or understanding proper handling procedures, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Photography and Reproduction:
Photography of materials for research purposes is permitted, subject to certain restrictions and copyright laws. Please consult with a staff member for guidelines regarding photography and reproduction of materials. Reproduction services may also be available for certain items in our collections.