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Art Collections

This guide gives an overview of the Art Collections at Knox College, as well as some of the specifics to accessing and reviewing digital and physical artworks.

This guide was created to help students and members of the Knox community access the Knox College Art collection. The works shown here are by no means an exhaustive list of the over 3,000 artworks in the collection, but will hopefully serve as a jumping off point for further research. This guide is organized to accompany art history classes currently offered, as well as to highlight some collections that might be of interest to students of all disciplines. 

  • Asian Art Collection - The page primarily highlights some of the many fascinating Japanese prints of the 18th-20th centuries.
  • Native Arts Collection - There are many research opportunities to study the collection of Native American baskets and pottery.
  • 16th Century European Art - Prints from the Renaissance period, including works by Dürer.
  • 17th Century European Art - Study prints and paintings from the Baroque period such as works by Rembrandt. 
  • 18th Century Art of Europe and America - Prints and paintings from the 18th century, such as Canaletto's cityscapes and William Hogarth's sartorial works.
  • 19th Century Art of Europe and America - Explore the various styles of artwork of the 19th century, including works by Goya, Delacroix, Whistler, Manet, and Corot.
  • 20th Century Art of Europe and America - Study the multitude of art movements during the 20th century, such as Käthe Kollwitz's anti-war prints and Fernand Leger's streamlined abstractions. 
  • Student Artists - Explore artworks made by Knox students that have entered the permanent collection. This includes works by artist alumni Keith Achepohl and Clare Smith. 
  • Local Artists - Study works by artists from Galesburg or those who have lived and/or worked locally such as the important surrealist artist Dorothea Tanning, and internationally-known portrait artist Lonnie Stewart. 

So, jump in and explore our collection! If you find any objects or subjects of interest, contact Special Collections and Archives to set up a viewing appointment or other relevant items in the collection not shown here. Make sure to click through the gallery on each page to see all the images!