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Special Collections and Archives

Art Policy

Policy Statement
The purpose of the art policy is to facilitate the management of the Knox College Art Collection consistent with the objectives of a liberal arts education and the Knox College mission statement. The Knox College Art Collection, the Department of Art and Art History, and the Borzello Art Gallery all contribute to the presence of art on campus.

The Art Collection consists of over 3,000 works of art covering diverse historical periods, cultures and geographic locations, from ancient Greece, Western Europe to 18th-century Japan and modern Africa. The Art Collection is primarily a teaching collection used extensively for Museum Studies and Art History classes. Students curate exhibits from the art in the collection and research the history of the artists. While primarily for teaching and learning, the Art Collection stands on its own as an excellent representation of art from around the world. Students are encouraged to explore the art on campus as well as taking advantage of the rich artistic opportunities at galleries, museums, and other educational institutions in the west-central Illinois region.

This policy governs the acquisition, accessioning, conservation, display, loan, deaccessioning, and disposition of all art objects in the Art Collection, and all art objects under consideration for acquisition by Knox College.

The expectations set forth in this policy apply to all Knox College (faculty, staff, and student workers), contractors, and volunteers.


The specific policy and procedure for loaning artwork can accessed by emailing the archivist at For access to the Art Collection and related materials for research, please view the Art Collection tab, or contact