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SciFinder-n to Knox Primo

To find the full text click on the FULL TEXT button and select "Find Article."

A new window to Knox Primo will open and the citation will appear in Knox Primo.

Sign in to Knox Primo. Then you will be presented with options to find the full text, either in another site, or via a link to request the item via the Tipasa interlibrary loan service.

See the page Introduction to Working With Search Results in SciFinder-n.

Search for the Article in Knox Primo

Go to Knox Primo to find the citation to the article. Use the search option for "Articles and more" and enter the article title and maybe also the first author's name, like this:

When the article appears, there may be a link to get the full text online. Be sure to login to Knox Primo before clicking on the link to go to a site where you can download the article.

If there is no full text online you will see a link to "Request the article via Tipasa Interlibrary loan." Click on the link and login to the Tipasa service using your Knox email credentials. Fill out the form and click the submit button. You will receive an email notification when the article is available.

Find the Article on the ACS Publications Site

Many, many chemistry articles are published in journals owned by the American Chemical Society (ACS). You may be able to find the article and get to the full text on the ACS Publications site.

Search for the article by entering keywords from the article title and the first author's name. The ACS site search also lets you search by journal title, volume, and start page:

When you find the article the full text may be readily available. If it is not, then click the purple Find It button () to go to Knox Primo to make an interlibrary loan request for the article.