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Viewing Results

The list of results is sorted by relevance. CAS explains their relevancy like this:

CAS SciFinderⁿ assigns each reference result a relevancy score based on how well it matches your query and displays only those results with scores in the middle and upper range.

To include those results with relevancy scores in the lower range, click the Load More Results button. These results often include partial hits or may have a very interesting, but indirect, relation to your full query.

Reduce a large set of results by using filters listed in the left column. The most useful filters are:

  • Document type
  • Language
  • Publication Year

To find the full text click on the FULL TEXT button and select "Find Article."

A new window to Knox Primo will open and the citation will appear in Knox Primo.

Sign in to Knox Primo. Then you will be presented with options to find the full text, either in another site, or via a link to request the item via the Tipasa interlibrary loan service.

See the page Introduction to Working With Search Results in SciFinder-n.