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Look up a testing term in the  Glossary of Testing, Measurement, and Statistical Terms

such as:

analytic scoring
constructed response item
content standard
holistic scoring
item analyses
norm group
percentile rank
standard score

Where should I search for tests?

Where should I search for tests?

Mental Measurements Yearbook
*Available in print in Seymour Library, editions 7th-18th, Reference Room BR 698.5 M4
*Index of all 18 editions searchable online

"The Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) includes test reviews, providing evaluative information to encourage informed test selection. Typical MMY test entries include descriptive information and one or two reviews written by professionals in selected fields."  SEE MORE INFORMATION BELOW

ERIC and PsycInfo Databases
ERIC is a comprehensive education database containing journal articles (many peer-reviewed) as well as documents from individuals and institutions. PsycInfo is a comprehensive psychology database, indexing journal articles and book chapters.  These databases may contain test reviews, research reports showing use of tests, and documentation from the test authors.  SEE MORE INFORMATION ON RIGHT

Does the Library own tests?

No, the library does not own tests.  Tests may be available via interlibrary loan and for purchase.  Consult with your instructor or a reference librarian for more information.