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Education (General)

Education research resources

Evaluate the Source

Make sure you evaluate the information you find and use it wisely in your own research.



1.  Type of source: scholarly, popular, news?

Peer-reviewed, scholarly publications carry more weight as research resources.

2.  Type of journal article: research, review, essay?

Research articles report original research.  Review articles summarize current knowledge on a particular area or review a particular item (i.e. book review).  Essays present a personal point of view.

3.  Publisher:  University affiliation, Trade press?

University book and journal presses publish well-vetted, academic material. Trade presses publish for a mass audience.

4.  Cited by others?

Items cited the most are often of greatest scholarly influence.  Web of Science and Google Scholar allow citation searching.

One unique source type in the field of Education are ERIC Documents. These include unpublished papers, association reports and government-published materials. Analyze these materials on a case-by-case basis for validity (be sure to check authorship) depending on your research purpose. Example: Classroom Management and the ADHD Student

Suggested Databases in the Field of Education

These databases index many types of sources, including journal articles, books, papers and documents. Read each description below for more information.

  • When searching a database, you should evaluate the  types of materials you find and the  purpose you will use it for (see the box "Evaluate the Source" on the right.) 


  • See the tab above ("Get the Full Text") for help in obtaining the items you identify in the databases below.