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Find Book Reviews: Popular Review Sources

There are numerous ways to find book reviews. The following are some popular review sources; many of these publications are directed at the library and bookselling market. For more substantial and scholarly book reviews, use the tools and resources listed under the tabs on this guide.

Choice Reviews -- The full content of this magazine is available online and is fully searchable. Issues from 1964-present are also available in Seymour Library.

Kirkus Reviews -- Short authoritative reviews of mostly popular fiction and non-fiction. Available in the Ebsco database from 2001-present.

London Review of Books -- Some reviews available for free; primarily scholarly books.

The New York Review of Books -- Some more current articles and reviews are available for free online and the archives is searchable. Issues of this magazine from 1963-present are available in Seymour Library.

New York Times Book Review -- Visit the New York Times web site for some content and features.
If you have a citation, you can find review in the bound periodicals section in Seymour Library. The library has 1973-present in print.

Publisher's Weekly -- Short reviews of popular fiction and non-fiction directed at the bookseller market. Issues from 2001-present are available free online.

Times Literary Supplement -- Reviews from 1994-present of both popular and scholarly works.