ANSO 346: Doing it for the Culture (SCA): International/ General Multicultural

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The materials below are not exhaustive, but serve as examples of collection items, topics, and themes.

Student Images

Cultural & House Organizations

The folders below are accessible via our Organizations Series, Fraternity Series, and Building Series in the College Archives.

  • International House
  • Foreign Students Club
  • International Club, 1970s-2000s
  • Gentleman of Quality
  • Sisters of Excellence, 2016
  • Women of Influence, 2011-2014 

Terminology Note

Staff often re-use language provided by creators or former owners of collections because it provides important context about the materials or is the official title of an item.  To locate all materials of interest, you may need to search for historical terminology, which is offensive today, but was used in the past to describe people of color. 

Adapted from Brown University Library

Organizational Materials