ANSO 346: Doing it for the Culture (SCA): Overview

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Welcome! This guide will serve as a helpful resource for researching in Special Collections, as well as outlining course goals and activities for ANSO/AFST 346: Doing it for the Culture. 

Special Collections as a Laboratory

From storage rooms to treasure troves, special collections and archives have been described in various ways. What if we thought of Special Collections as laboratories, however? Laboratories serve as centers for discovery, research, data, and analysis. Though the materials may be unfamiliar or unusual at first, primary sources offer unique perspectives, evidence, and stories. 

By engaging with primary sources in your labs, you’ll learn important skills including: 

  • Finding, identifying, and accessing primary sources
  • Analyzing and interrogating materials found in Special Collections
  • Using and incorporating rare and unique materials

Knox students in an electrical lab in George Davis Hall,1927. The Way to Knox College Digital Exhibit.                                                                                                              

Professor Bill Ripperger directs the attention of students in the computer lab in the Science-Math Center, 1980. The Way to Knox College Digital Exhibit.                              

Ask a Librarian

Reading Room Appointments

The Special Collections Reading Room is open by appointment only. Appointments may be made during the following hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-4:30 pm.

To schedule an appointment for the class, please book a time slot here at least 1 day in advance.