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Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Reference books are helpful starting places if you need:

  1. An overview of topic, person, place, or event.
  2. To browse for topic ideas.
  3. Help with focusing or narrowing your topic.
  4. A list of core resources for your topic. Many reference books provide a short bibliography and/or suggested scholarly readings. These readings usually represent the best scholarship for the topic at hand up to the time the reference work was published.

Oxford Classical Dictionary Online

Explore the thousands of peer-reviewed entries on all topics related to the Greco-Roman world in the Oxford Classical Dictionary. This dictionary is also available in print form in Seymour Library, REF DE5 .O9 2012.

Mapping the Ancient World

Two projects from Stanford University explore ancient Rome in maps:

More sites for maps:

The Barrington atlas of the Greek and Roman World 

This important reference work covers the Archaic Greek period through Late Antiquity. 

REF Atlas Stand DE29.B32 2000 (See also the 2 volume directory to this atlas on the shelves in the Reference Room: DE29.B32 2000 Index.)

More Reference Sources

Use reference sources to gain background, and sometimes specific, knowledge on a topic and to quickly identify core scholarly resources on a topic.