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Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies

The Loeb Classical Library

The Loeb Classical Library, from Harvard University Press, is a series of books of classic literature from Greek and Roman writers. The Greek volumes are bound in green and the Roman volumes are all bound in red. For each work, the original Greek or Latin text is on one side of the page, and the English translation is on the other.

Books in the Loeb Classical Library are also available as ebooks in the Digital Loeb Classical Library.

To search the Knox Library catalog (or the I-Share catalog) specifically for Loeb books, use "Loeb" as one of your search terms, as in this example:

You can tell that a book is a Loeb book because it will have the series title "Loeb Classical Library" in the catalog record, as in this example:

Perseus Digital Library

The Perseus Digital Library provides the full text of classical texts in English, Greek and Latin. The site also has some Arabic texts and some Renaissance materials. In addition, the Art & Archaeology Artifact Browser provides access to images of "a massive library of art objects, sites, and buildings." 

Ancient Inscriptions: Greek

The Searchable Greek Inscriptions database presents inscriptions from multiple references. Browse by region, reference source or search. 

Attic Inscriptions Online


Attic Inscriptions Online, managed by the British School at Athens, presents English translations of over 2000 inscriptions from Athens and Attica.

Classical Latin Texts

The site Classical Latin Texts from the Packard Humanities Institute presents Latin literature in full text, and also allows for keyword searching. The site also has a concordance. allows you to search through and browse ancient papyrological materials and includes images. The site is curated by scholars and includes translations and commentary from scholars.