IDIS 101: ESL: Reference

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Reference Materials

Who doesn't need a little background information? 

Reference materials are helpful starting places :

  1. To browse for research ideas.
  2. To help with focusing your topic.
  3. For general information about a topic, person, place, or an event.
  4. For more resources that provide bibliographies – which will lead to additional books and articles.

Meta Reference Sources

Search multiple reference sources online at once!

Be sure to email, export, or print helpful reference sources and cite appropriately in your work.

 Credo Reference contains over 400 fully searchable reference titles. Search ALL sources at once, or LIMIT to specific subject area, like SOCIAL SCIENCE. 


   Sage eReference Online is a collection of 62 reference texts in the social sciences.


  Encyclopaedia Britannica Online is the searchable content of the 32 volume printed set. Added content includes images and video.