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Strong Collection

Robert Karow and Fred Strong

Robert Karow, (left) curator of the, Newberry Library, and Fred Strong discuss the Wheeler Atlas, donated to Seymour Library by Strong, Spring 1990.

The Strong Collection, the gift of Fredrick C. Strong, centers on cartography and the exploration of the American Southwest. Many of the maps and publications are related to the expeditions led by George M. Wheeler in 1869 and 1879 to explore the Colorado River Valley and the Great Basin. Furthermore an oversized album of photographs taken by Timothy O'Sullivan makes a unique record of the explorations.

According to former Seymour Library director and professor of English, Douglas Wilson, "Knox's collection of materials from the Wheeler survey donated by Mr. Strong is one of the most complete in the nation."



Wheeler's book

Wheeler, George M., Tables containing camps, distances, lines of march, latitudes, longitudes, altitudes, &c., Government Printing Office, Washington, 1873

In the Heart of the Sierras

Hutchings, J. M., In the Heart of the Sierras, Pacific press publishing house, Oakland, Cal., 1886