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Davis Family Papers
Manuscript Collection

Biographical Notes: Robert and Marianne Earl Davis lived in Lurganboy, Ireland. Some of their eleven children remained in there, but three, John, Henry and George, settled in America. John corresponded from Shreveport, Louisiana until his death in 1858. His brother, George, (Knox Trustee and College Treasurer, 1875-1890) wrote from Galesburg, Illinois. And Henry wrote from Cincinnati, New York, and Galesburg (after 1869). John's daughter, Mary Anne Davis Leonard, lived in New Orleans and kept some of the family letters. She was housekeeper and companion to Hannah Bourke whose family member, Steven Gahagan, Jr., eventually inherited the letters. He transcribed, edited and donated the letters to Knox College.

Scope Notes: The collection contains letters and transcriptions concerning family (both in Ireland and America), health, business and activities and describes Galesburg and Knox College events. Correspondents include Marianne Davis, several brothers, various business associates of John Davis and Mary Davis McKnight. All but two are transcribed. The collection also includes original and copies of family documents.

Collection range: 1853-1910
Collection size: 2.5 inches
Donor: Steven Gahagan, Jr.