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The Knox College Special Collections and Archives has been evolving since 1890 when it began as the Memorabilia Room, a tiny attic with yearbooks and collegiate mementos. Today the College treasures --- books, documents, maps and art --- are housed in the heart of the Seymour Library with room for study and staff assistance.

Veritas Window The Special Collection & Archives includes the Archives of Knox College, Manuscripts Collections and Rare Books. The collections support the curriculum and the academic programs of the college and provide primary source material for independent study and honors work. Faculty, staff and students, as well as numerous researchers from around the world use the collections and Knox College.

Hoffmaster Reading Room, Seymour Library

The Hoffmaster Reading Room, the centerpiece of Special Collections and Archives.

Knox College and the town of Galesburg were founded together in 1837 and our collections document the early days of the town. Also included in the Local History Collections is information about the individuals, churches, businesses and activities that contributed over the years to the community that exists today. Knox College Art Collections are part of Special Collections and Archives and serve to enhance the academic programs provided by the College. Linked here are a number of online Exhibits and Articles which record the varied collections of the College, as well as people, history and events that have shaped the college and the community.

Researchers are welcome. Please review our research policies. Those researching college alumni and past faculty should contact the curator or a member of our staff.

Information about recent graduates can be obtained from the Alumni Affairs Office (309-341-7100).

Official academic records can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar (309-341-7205).