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Knox County Residents in the 77th Illinois Infantry

The source for the following information is History of the 77th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, September 2, 1862 - July 10, 1865, Lieutenant W.H. Bentley, Edward Hine Printer, Peoria , IL, 1883.

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Soldier Home town Company
Anderson, John Knoxville A
Arms, Charles H. Knoxville ------
Avery, Robert H. Galesburg A
Ayres, Henry P. Galesburg staff
Bacon, Horatio F. Galesburg A
Bolt, Samuel Knoxville A
Bull, James H. Galesburg A
Burdett, John A. Knoxville officer
Burdett, William H. H. Knoxville A
Burlingame, John C. Galesburg A
Butler, George D. Galesburg A
Churchill, Wilberforce Galesburg A
Clark, Merrit M. Galesburg A
Coe, James S. Knoxville A
Coe, William S. Knoxville A
Conner, Isaac Knoxville A
Dippery, Milton Knoxville A
Divert, James Knoxville A
Ferris, Horace F. Galesburg A
Fetters, Joseph H. Yates City G
Field, Charles G. Galesburg A
Fisher, Alexander R. Knoxville A
Fuller, Francis G. Galesburg A
Green, Edward F. Galesburg A
Griffith, John X. Galesburg A
Hall, Ira H. Galesburg A
Harrison, Thomas Galesburg A
Hensey, Cornelius Galesburg A
Hester, Henry D. Galesburg A
Holcomb, Peter Knoxville A
Holcomb, W. H., Jr. Knoxville A
Hummel, Casper Yates City F
Hurd, Asahel E. Galesburg A
Irwin, Thomas A. Knoxville F
Jenny, E. Winthrop Galesburg A
Johnson, Nelson E. Knoxville F
Kent, James F. Yates City F
Kenyon, George C. Knoxville F
Lawrence, George Knoxville F
Lockbaum, Daniel Knoxville A
Losey, Henry E. Galesburg A
Luddington, W.W. Knoxville A
Macy, David B. Yates City F
Mather, Lewis Knoxville A
Mather, S. Knoxville A
McGraw, James M. Galesburg A
Miller, Henry H. Knoxville A
Miner, James Knoxville F
Miner, John W. Knoxville F
Moore, John D. Knoxville A
Newman, Peter S.L. Knoxville F
Nixon, Charles Gilson F
Ostrander, John W. Knoxville A
Ott, William Knoxville A
Rambo, Julius Knoxville A
Randall, John P. Knoxville A
Reynolds, John Knoxville A
Russell, Alfred Knoxville A
Sanburn, Charles W. Knoxville A
Sanburn, John H. Knoxville A
Secord, James K. Yates City F
Standiford, Dewitt C. Knoxville F
Stearns, Gardner G. Knoxville A
Stiteler, William Knoxville staff
Swan, Lewis J. Knoxville A
Tarelton, James H. Knoxville A
Tompkins, John Knoxville A
Ward, Charles H. Galesburg A
West, Lyman Galesburg A
Wilber, John Knoxville A
Wilcox, William H. Galesburg A
Witherell, A.D. Knoxville A
Witherall, George W. Galesburg A
Woodmansee, George Jr. Knoxville A
Woodruff, Joseph D. Galesburg A
Woolsey, John L. Knoxville A