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Blacks in Galesburg: City Directory Information

City directories listed the race of an individual if they were non-white. See below for directory information for the years 1857, 1861 and 1867.

City Directory for 1857

Entries taken from Galesburg, Monmouth, Knoxville and Abingdon Directories, Henry N. McEvoy, Robert Fergus, Book & Job Printer, Chicago, 1857.

[Abbreviations used in the original text have been replaced with full words.]

Galesburg [Knox County]
A note on page 30 indicates the population as being "about 6000."]

[Under the section CHURCHES AND PASTORS the entry below is listed. The Reverend Woodfork is not among the Galesburg or Monmouth entries.] Colored Methodist Episcopal [Church] - Rev. A. Woodfork, Pastor, at the School-house on Monmouth Road.

Monmouth [Warren County]

Abingdon [Knox County]

Knoxville [Knox County]
[A note on page 129 estimates the population to be 2500.]
Smith, Samuel, (colored) hair dresser, corner Main and Broad way, up stairs

City Directory for 1861

Entries taken from Root's Galesburg City Directory for the year 1861, Omi E. Root, Galesburg, IL, 1861.
[Abbreviations used in the text have been replaced with full words.]

[The following entry is listed in the section "Omissions, Removals, Corrections" and the individual may be black. There is no indication if the information is a removal, an omission or a correction.] p. 8 African M.E. Church: Seth B. Hoisington, Superintendent Sunday School.

[p. 92 lists the following:]

AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH --- Organized September, 1856, by the present Pastor, then a missionary here. House of worship situated on Tompkins street, between Cherry and Prairie. Rev. Levi Henderson, Pastor. Number of members 21. Hours of service in winter, 10 1/2 A. M. and 7 1/2 P.M.; in summer 11 A.M. and 7 P.M. Sunday School organized June 1856. P. Hoserton, Superintendent. Meets in winter at 3 P.M., in summer at 4 P.M. Number of teachers 10; scholars, 36. Number of volumes in Sunday School Library 60.

City Directory for 1867

List of black heads of households in Annewalt & Lawrence's 1867 Galesburg Directory Annewalt & Lawrence's Galesburg Directory, containing a catalogue of inhabitants --- A full report of religious, educational, benevolent, social and political institutions -- An index of business, and the advertisements of enterprising business men; to which is prefixed A Sketch of the City, Burlington, Iowa, Merchant Printing Co, 1867.

Additional note on title page:
1867-1869 issued December First
[There is no indication of which year]

Note on table of contents page:
Population of Galesburg. This directory contains the names of two thousand nine hundred different persons, nearly all of whom are males over the age of twenty. This, according to the ratio adopted by Directory Publishers, would indicate a total population in the City, of from eleven to thirteen thousand.

[Abbreviations used in the original text have been replaced with full words as part of this transcription. Punctuation has been added for clarity. Names in bold type appeared in bold type in the original.]
[Anything not part of the original text is added in brackets [ ] by the transcriber. This includes information and observations.]

p. 26
Second Baptist Church --- Colored
Organized September 7th, 1865. The present number of members, 45. Sunday services 11 A.M. and 7.P.M. Communion first Sabbath of every month; commencing the first Sunday in October, 1865. Covenant meetings first Sunday of every month. Prayer meetings every Wednesday evening. Pastor- Rev. J.W. Forlkner (colored) Deacons -- Ed. Washington, Thomas Roads and George Hulbert. Treasurer ---Thos. Roads. Trustee ---Moses Jenkins. Sunday School meets 3 P.M. --- Mead, Superintendent. Number of teachers, 20; average number of scholars, 60; number of volumes in library, 200.

p. 27
Methodist Episcopal Church --- African
Organized 1856. Number of its members, 120. House of worship Tompkins Street, two door west of Prairie. Erected in 1857; size of building, 24 by 48. Rev. ______________, Pastor; hours of worship, 10 1/2 a.m. and 7 1/2 p.m. Sabbath school every Sabbath at 2 1/2; Superintendent _________________. Class meeting every Sunday at 4 P.M. and Tuesday 7 1/2 p.m; Prayer meeting every Wednesday, 7 1/2 P.M. Number of Sabbath school teachers 20; scholars, 300; average attendance, 175; number of volume sin library 500.

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