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Birkbeck-Flower Papers Manuscript Collection

Biographical Notes: Morris Birkbeck (1764-1825) was born in England, but emigrated to America in 1818 and settled in Illinois. He was a traveler, author, reformer and abolitionist.

George Flower (1788-1862), born in England, emigrated to America with Morris Birkbeck determined to establish a settlement which became Albion (Edwards County) Illinois in 1818. George Flower was also an author, a pioneer and abolitionist.

Scope Notes: Original and photocopies of letters written by Morris Birkbeck, George Flower, Alfred Flower, and Benjamin Orange Flower(1858-1918), grandson of George Flower. Also biographical material concerning the Birkbeck and Flower families, primarily collected from published sources but some information in letters from family members. Subject of original Birkbeck material: deed of property in Edwards County, Illinois, and ALS concerning Birkbeck's possible translation of a book on civil and penal law. Subject of original Benjamin Orange Flower letter: primarily items for publication in Arena magazine.

Collection range: 1818-1914
Collection size: 2 inches
Donor: Edward Caldwell, Knox Class of 1886, Knox College Trustee 1923-1949